PhD Checklist

Notification of Intent to Take Qualifying Exam

  • Notification of Intent to Take Qualifying Exam Form
  • Used to register for the qualifying exam
  • Due at the end of the first week of classes in fall and spring semesters
  • Must be signed by your faculty advisor
  • Include unofficial U of U transcripts and an abstract

Request for Supervisory Committee Form

  • Request for Supervisory Committee Form
  • Each member must sign/initial next to their name
  • Due after you pass your Qualifying Exam
  • It will be approved electronically by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate School

PhD Research Proposal

PhD Program of Study Forms

  • PhD Post-Bachelor’s
  • PhD Post-Master’s
  • PhD Robotics Track Post-Bachelor’s
  • PhD Robotics Track Post-Master’s
  • Requirements:
    • Due 7 months prior to graduation – check with the graduate adviser for exact deadlines
    • You must list every class that counts toward your degree, including classes you will take in the future
    • You must gather the original signatures from your professors
    • You must earn a B- or better in order for a class to count
    • You must have 5 professors on your committee
    • 3 of your committee members must be ME regular faculty (not auxiliary); 1 must be from outside of the department

Request to Change Committee

  • Request to Change Committee Form
  • Used to change one or more committee members
  • If changing your chair, get the signatures of both the old and the new chair
  • Type everything – handwritten forms will not be accepted

Defense & Correction Deadlines for Dissertation

To Graduate In: Defend By: Obtain Thesis Release By:
Spring Second week of March Last week of April
Summer Second week of June Last week of July
Fall Last week of October First week of December

Application for Graduation


Thesis Sheets – Supervisory Committee and Final Reading Approval Form