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Below is an example project write-up.


Projsample project formect Name: Compact tactile skin stretch feedback device

Project Advisor: William Provancher

Contact Information:


Project Description

Our lab has recently developed a new form of tactile feedback that can be used to provide direction cues. The device incorporates a small moving contactor that interfaces with the user’s fingerpad. Direction cues correspond to the direction of contactor motion. Displacements of a millimeter or less are easily interpreted by users. Further background on the project can be found at:

Now that basic research has shown the merits of this type of tactile feedback, we are now interested in embedding these devices in consumer products such as music players, cell phones, or a steering wheel. For this to be practical, it is necessary to reduce the device’s package size and power consumption. These requirements form the basis of this project.


Project Objectives / Desired Outcomes

  • Functioning prototype with total device package size to 1” x 1” x 0.5” with +/- 1mm of motion on 2 axes while in contact with a user’s finger (i.e., stretching the skin of their fingerpad)
  • Power consumption less than 2 Watts from a 3.3 volt power source


Project Engineering Skills

  • Mechatronic design (electro-mechanical design and programming)
  • Machine design
  • Rapid prototyping, manual machining, and/or CNC machining



Desired team Size: 4 or 5 students