Ian HarveyAssociate Director, Utah Nanofab

Phone: (801) 585-6162
Fax: (801) 585-9826
E-mail: irharvey@mech.utah.edu
Office: 2232 MEB (50 S. Central Campus Dr.)
Lab: 1555B MEB (Ph: 801-585-0409
Utah Nanofab  |  Appointment also in: Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Ph.D. Materials Science, Colorado School of Mines (1990)
  • M.S. Metallurgy, University of Utah (1987)
  • B.S. Materials Science & Engineering, U of U (1986); Minors: Chinese Language, Chemistry, Physics.
Research Interests

  • Wafer-level Package development including architectural design and reliability characterization
  • MEMS Architecture design
  • Process development
  • IC physical failure analysis (including SEM, FIB, acoustic tomography)
  • Charge-pumped MEMS actuation: http://www.coe.utah.edu/MEMnagerie/
Recent Activities

Students in my “Heterogeneous Microsystems Technologies” class conceived and designed MEMS devices functioning like a microscale version of the Olympic Hoberman Arch, located adjacent to the 2002 Olympic venue, Rice-Eccles Stadium. This led to participation during 2006 & 2007 of the students in the Sandia National Labs, University Alliance Design Competition, and the awarding both years of fabrication and characterization support for these devices (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3). During 2009, the artistic efforts of Charge-pumped actuation and our implementation of Kinetic Micro-Sculpture(TM), led to international exposure.  The 2010 submission won the Sandia University Alliance competition in the education category. Sandia Competion News Coverage:

Outreach Interests

  • Science Olympiad
  • Building Utah’s Tech Workforce Training Pipeline

ME EN 6055 Microsystems Design and Characterization, 4 credits Lab times are subject to the schedules of the student teams who also work together on an extracurricular construction analysis (reverse engineering) project using one of several representative local technologies: Merit Sensors piezoresistive pressure transducers, Micron CMOS image sensor, Fairchild Power DMOS, or other.

  • Meets with: BIOEN 6423 001
  • Meets with: CHFEN 5659 001
  • Meets with: CHFEN 6659 001
  • Meets with: ECE 5225 001
  • Meets with: ECE 6225 001
  • Meets with: ME EN 5055 001
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