Graduate Course Offerings

The Course Schedule Matrix outlines when classes are expected to be taught. Actual semester schedules are subject to change due to teacher availability and registration numbers. Courses usually rotate on a 2-year basis (e.g., course offerings for F’21 should be the same as F’19, S’22 should be the same as S’20, etc.). Summer schedules are always tentative and we typically only offer 1-2 graduate courses but check schedule for listings.

Provided below is the tentative teaching schedule of graduate course offerings which is organized by our core department divisions. This schedule is subject to change with the onus being on the student to check back each semester for possible updates.

Design, Ergonomics, Manufacturing & Systems Group

Course Title S24 Su24 F24 S25 Su25 F25
ME EN 6010 Principles of Manufacturing Processes S24
ME EN 6011 Additive Manufacturing F24 F25
ME EN 6025 Intro to Optimization F24 F25
ME EN 6035 Design of Experiments S24 S25
ME EN 6050 Fundamentals of Micromachining Processes S24 F24 S25 F25
ME EN 6051 Microsensors F24 F25
ME EN 6053 Microactuators S25
ME EN 6055 Microsystems Design and Characterization S24 S25
ME EN 6060 Sustainable Product and Processes (S25)
ME EN 6070 Electromechanical Energy Harvesting
ME EN 6100 Ergonomics F24 F25
ME EN 6110 Introduction to Industrial Safety S24
ME EN 6130 Design Implications for Human Machine Systems F25
ME EN 6140 Occupational Health & Safety Solutions S24 S25
ME EN 6150 Product Safety & Engineering Ethics F24 F25
ME EN 6160 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering F24 F25
ME EN 6166 Model-Based Systems Engineering
ME EN 6170 Systems Engineering and Integration S24 S25
ME EN 6180 Project Management for Engineers S24
ME EN 6181 Systems Definition and Modeling S25
ME EN 6182 Design of Production and Service Systems Su24 Su25
ME EN 6183 Discrete Event Systems Simulation F24 F25
ME EN 6184 Operations Research for Systems F24 F25
ME EN 6185 Data Analytics for Engineers S24 S25
ME EN 6186 Engineering Economic Analysis Su24 Su25
ME EN 6190 Management and Leadership for Engineers F25
ME EN 6730 Microfluidic Chip Design & Fabrication F24
ME EN 6920 Design Project S24
ME EN 7100 Advanced Ergonomics: Occupational Biomechanics S24
ME EN 7110 System Safety S25
ME EN 7120 Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy for Engineers S25
ME EN 7960 Fundamentals & Applications of Low Dimensional Materials S25
ME EN 7960 Fundamentals of Nanofabrication S24
ME EN 7960 Bio-inspired Materials S24

Robotics and Controls Group

Course Title S24 Su24 F24 S25 Su25 F25
ME EN 6200 Classical Control Systems F24 F25
ME EN 6205 System Dynamics F24 F25
ME EN 6210 State Space Control S24 S25
ME EN 6220 Robotics F24 F25
ME EN 6225 Geometric Computation for Motion Planning S24 S25
ME EN 6230 Introduction to Robot Control S24 S25
ME EN 6240 Advanced Mechatronics (instructor consent needed) S24
ME EN 6250 Object-Oriented Programming for Interactive Systems F24 F25
ME EN 6892 Robotics Seminar S24 F24 S25 F25
ME EN 7200 Nonlinear Controls F24
ME EN 7210 Optimal Controls S24
ME EN 7220 Systems Identification for Robotics F25
ME EN 7230 Robot Mobility and Manipulation S25
ME EN 7240 Haptics S25
ME EN 7960 Wearable Robotics F24

Solid Mechanics Group

Course Title S24 Su24 F24 S25 Su25 F25
ME EN 6300 Advanced Strength of Materials S24 S25
ME EN 6400 Vibrations F24 F25
ME EN 6410 Intermediate Dynamics
ME EN 6500 Engineering Elasticity F25
ME EN 6510 Applied Finite Element Analysis Su24 F24 Su25 F25
ME EN 6515 Theory of FE F24 F25
ME EN 6520 Mechanics of Composite Materials S24 S25
ME EN 6530 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics F24 F25
ME EN 6535 Introduction to Biomechanics S25
ME EN 6540 Biomechanics II (Soft Tissue Mechanics) S24
ME EN 6550 Exper Methods Solid Mech S25
ME EN 6891 Solid Mechanics Seminar S24
ME EN 7891 Mechanics Seminar
ME EN 7500 Engineering Material Science: Fatigue and Creep S25
ME EN 7525 Inelasticity S25
ME EN 7530 Fracture and Fatigue
ME EN 7540 Advanced Finite Elements S25
ME EN 7960 Advanced Vibrations
ME EN 7960 New Frontiers of Wave Mechanics S24

Thermal Fluids and Energy Systems Group

Course Title S24 Su24 F24 S25 Su25 F25
ME EN 6600 Intermediate Thermodynamics S24 S25
ME EN 6630 Nanoscale Heat Transfer F25
ME EN 6650 Intermediate Heat Transfer F24 F25
ME EN 6700 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics F24 F25
ME EN 6710 Aerodynamics
ME EN 6720 Computational Fluid Dynamics S24
ME EN 6740 Wind Energy S25
ME EN 6750 Environmental Instrumentation S24
ME EN 6790 Energy Systems Analysis S25
ME EN 6800 Sustainable Energy Engineering F24 F25
ME EN 6810 Thermal Systems Design F25
ME EN 6820 Thermal Environmental Engineering (HVAC) S24
ME EN 6830 Aerospace Propulsion S24 S25
ME EN 6893 TFES Seminar S24 F24 S25 F25
ME EN 6960 Optics for Energy F24 F25
ME EN 7600 Advanced Thermodynamics F25
ME EN 7650 Advanced Conduction Heat Transfer
ME EN 7660 Advanced Convection Heat Transfer
ME EN 7670 Advanced Radiation Heat Transfer F24
ME EN 7710 Environmental Fluid Dynamics S25
ME EN 7720 Turbulent Flows and Mixing S24
ME EN 7730 Large-Eddy Sim Turbulent Flows F24
ME EN 7740 Low Reynolds Number Flows F24