Recent Funding

Highlight New Projects from July 1st 2023 through now. Updated monthly.

PIPrimary AgencyLengthName of the Project
Mike CzabajAFRL3.5 yrsInvestigation Of Fracture In Thin-ply-hybrid Composites Using A Novel X-ray Ct In-situ Experiment And Bsam
Brittany CoatsNSF1 year2024 Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference support
Rob StollUSDA1 yearModel Based Evaluation of Grape Vineyard Exposure to Wildfire Smoke
Erika PlinerJob Site Safety Institute1yearEffectiveness Of Level Tools and Instruction On Optimal Ladder Setup
Pania NewellDOE3 yrsAdvanced Multi-Physics Machine Learning for Subsurface Energy Systems Across Scales
Marc CalafNSF2 yrsEAGER: Generalizing MOST-based surface layer parameterizations for turbulence resolving ESMs
Brittany CoatsE Matilda Ziegler Foundation2 yrsA Murine Model to Investigate Vitreous Aging
Brittany CoatsDOJ3 yrsMechanics of Retinal Hemorrhage in Abusive Head Trauma
Jacob HochhalterFAA2 yrsSmall Aircraft Risk Technology, Damage Tolerance
Marc CalafNSF5 yrsCentering Indigenous Knowledge and Values in the Development of Integrated Agroecological Renewable Energy Systems through Convergent Research
Pania NewellNSF3 yrsCLIMA/Collaborative Research: Enhancing Soil-Based Infrastructure Resilience to Climate Change: Harnessing the Potential of Fractured Soil by Adding Polymers
Amir ArzaniNIH3 yearsIntegrated Experimental and Computation Approach for Accurate Patient-Specific Vascular Embolization
Jake Abbott & Tim AmeelAir Force Office of Scientific Research1.25 yearsUse of Rotating Magnetic Fields to Detumble Irregular Asymmetric Space Debris-like Objects
Jake AbbottNSF3 yearsModeling, Control, and Motion Planning of Magnetic-screw Microrobots in Soft Tissue
Amir Arzani &Rob StollNSF 1 yearEAGER: Understanding complex wind-driven wildfire propagation patterns with a dynamical systems approach
Bruce GaleNSF4 years
LEAP HI: Microfluidic Design Automation for Biomedical Assays
Owen KingstedtDepartment of Energy1 yearAn Extreme-Temperature Load Frame for Reduced Length Scale Experimentation to Support Nuclear Materials Research and Education
Yong Lin KongOffice of Naval Research3 yearsGastric Resident Electronics for Marine Mammals Health
Steven NalewayNSF3 yearsDiscovering the Biomechanics of Filamentous Fungi and their Hyphae
Eric Pardyjak
Department of Energy
1 yearMiniaturized Weather Station with Rapid Switching Between Precipitation and Meteorological Measurement Modes
Shad RoundyNSF3 yearsCollaborative Research: Space Charge Induced Flexoelectric (SCIF) Transducers: A New Technology to Eliminate the Environmental Cost of Leaded Piezoelectric Transducers
Shad RoundyNSF3 yearsU.S.-Ireland R&D Partnership: Highly Efficient Magnetoelectric Nano-antenna Arrays with Wide Operational Bandwidth