RoboUtes is an interdisciplinary student organization centered around building robots. We give students a way to practive their skills and put them to the test. We help both current and potential roboticists meet and exchange ideas. We inspire research projects and build senior design project teams. We support community outreach programs like UFLL, FIRST, and GREAT Summer Camps. Robotic competitions such as RoboCup and RoboGames are our vehicle for accomplishing these goals. Currently we have Computer Scientists, Electrical Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers participating. However we would like to foster interest from other fields, so please feel free to contact us. Sound like fun? We’d love to have you!

How do I get involved?

We hold a meet and greet each week. These meetings are meant to alow potential new members to meet each other as well as existing members and to learn more about RoboUtes. If interested, please contact one of the robotics faculty members to learn more.

What if I can’t make the meetings?

RoboUtes working with local Girl Scouts learning about engineering

Membership requires participation. You will have to contribute to the group be it helping to build a robot for competition, assisting with our community outreach projects, or performing administrative tasks. Ideally, you will have a task in mind. However, if you don’t, please feel free to attend a meeting or ask on the mailing list what you can do to gain membership and we will set you up with a task. To maintain membership you must continue to be involved. The goal is to develop an organization that can grow and thrive and as part of that, we need your help! Please note that the weekly meet n’ greet meetings are not mandatory. Depending on what you are working on, there will likely be some meetings that we’ll need you to come to. We’ll naturally have to work out the schedules of those involved in such meetings.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mark Minor Mechanical Engineering

Executive Board

For more information, visit the RoboUtes’ homepage!