Faculty Directory

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Jake Abbott

Research Interests:
Magnetic Manipulation
Medical Robotics
Haptics and Teleoperation
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Amirhossein Arzani

Research Interests:
Scientific machine learning
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Biofluid mechanics and transport
Dynamical systems
Cardiovascular biomechanics
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Vahid Azadeh Ranjbar

Research Interests:
Large Language Models
Computer Vision
Microfluidic Devices
Design Automation
Stereo Digital Image Correlation

A.K. Balaji

Research Interests:
Sustainable manufacturing
Interfaces between materials, mechanics, & manufacturing
Science of machining processes and modeling of machining performance
Design of advanced cutting tools

Agastya Balantrapu

Research Interests:
Experimental fluid dynamics,
High Reynolds number turbulence,
Quantitative flow visualization techniques,
Aero/Hydro acoustics,
Insect navigation algorithms in natural flows,
Passive scalar dispersion in atmospheric flows.

Edoardo Battaglia

Research interests:
Grasping and Manipulation
Wearable sensing
User studies
Human-centered robot design
Human-robot interaction
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Marc Calaf

Atmospheric Sciences and Turbulence
Fluid Mechanics
Wind Farms Physics
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Jiyoung Chang

Research Interests:
Wearable electronics
2-D materials
Multi-functional Near-field electrospinning
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Brittany Coats

Research Interests:
Traumatic brain injury
Ocular mechanics
Soft tissue deformation
Computational models of injury
Blast trauma
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Michael Czabaj

Research Interests:
Fracture and fatigue of composite materials
Durability and damage tolerance of composite structures
Micromechanics of composite materials
3D imaging using X-ray computed tomography
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Ken d’Entremont

Research Interests:
Product Safety—Consumer Products, Recreational Products, and Innovative Products
Vehicle Dynamics, Safety & Testing

M Dillon

Research Interests:
Experimental fluid dynamics with an emphasis on pollutant dispersion, turbulent mixing, and high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer physics.
Development of experimental techniques and sensors for fundamental fluid dynamic and atmospheric measurements.

Todd Easton

Research Interests:
Mathematical optimization
Mathematical decision making
Systems engineering
Engineering education

Mark Fehlberg

Manages the department admissions process, assists students with tuition benefit enrollment and course registration, provides student academic advising; and maintains student records. Coordinates administrative processes related to graduate student progress towards graduation.

Tianli Feng

Research Interests:
Heat Transfer
Atomistic Simulations
Machine Learning
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Mathieu Francoeur

Research Interests:
Radiation heat transfer
Nanoscale heat transport,
Photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion
Surface polariton coupling in nanostructures
Optical characterization
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Henry Fu

Research Interests:
Low-Reynolds number hydrodynamics
Biomechanics and biophysics
Complex biomaterials
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Bruce Gale

Research Interests:
Microfluidics, MEMS, and nanotechnology applications in medicine and biology
Integrated microsystems for biomedical separations, sensing, and actuation
Micropumps, microvalves, and microsensors
Microscale DNA analysis systems
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Sidney Green

Member NAE
Research Interests:
rock mechanics-geomechanics subsurface applications, particularly for energy recovery, storage, and utilization

James Guilkey

Research Interests:
Computational Solid Mechanics and Fluid Structure Interaction
Mechanical Response of Multi-Cellular Constructs
Multi-Scale Simulation

Laura Hallock

Research interests:
robotic assistance and rehabilitation
neuromusculoskeletal sensing
human–robot control interfaces
machine learning and system identification
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Todd Harman

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction
Supersonic flows
Large scale simulations

Xiaowei He

Research Interests:
Flow Control
Unsteady Aerodynamics
Flight Control
Experimental Methods and Facilities

Jacob Hochhalter

Research Interests:
Structural Materials
Finite Element Analysis
Digital Image Correlation
Uncertainty Propagation
Fatigue & Fracture
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Pedro Huebner

Research Interests:
Systems and Industrial Engineering program development
Additive manufacturing
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Jungkyu (Jay) Kim

Research Interests:
Microengineered ocular systems
Heart valve-on-a-chip for mechanobiological studies
Microfabricated space instruments for life detection
Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Dynamics and control of biomedical systems
Point-of-care diagnostics for medical diagnostics
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Owen Kingstedt

Mechanics of materials for extreme environments
Mutli-length and time scale experimentation
Interfacial effects on macroscopic properties
Dynamic fracture and failure of advanced materials
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Kam K. Leang

Research Interests:
Dynamic systems and control
Autonomous systems and robotics
Electroactive materials
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Tommaso Lenzi

Acting Director, Ergonomics and Safety Program, Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Research Interests:
Wearable robotics
Robotic limb prostheses and exoskeletons
Rehabilitation engineering
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Debra Mascaro

Academic Advising

Stephen Mascaro

Research/Teaching Interests:
Robotics and mechatronics
System dynamics and control

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Mark A. Minor

Research Interests:
Design, modeling, and control of mobile robots systems including ground based modular systems and under-actuated climbing robots. Key research topics include design optimization, motion planning, trajectory tracking.
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Ken Monson

Research Interests:
Traumatic brain injury
Blast injury
Cerebral vessel mechanics and mechanotransduction
Solid mechanics
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Steven Naleway

Research Interests:
Bioinspired design
Biological material science
Biomedical Materials
Structural mechanics and materials
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Pania Newell

Research Interests:
Computational multiphysics analysis of coupled phenomena
Fracture analysis in multiphysics systems
Computational homogenization of heterogeneous materials
Constitutive modeling.
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Alex Novoselov

Research Interests:
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Reacting Flows

Shuaihang Pan

Research interests:
Advanced manufacturing
Additive manufacturing
Metal and alloy design
Materials' degradation protection
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Eric Pardyjak

Research Interests:
Fluid mechanics
Atmospheric turbulence
Urban fluid mechanics
Stratified turbulence
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Keunhan (Kay) Park

Research Interests:
Nanoscale energy transport and conversion processes
Nanostructure-based energy applications
Nanoscale thermophysical instrumentations
Tip-based nano-imaging and spectroscopy
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Robert G. Parker

Research Interests:
Vibration, Dynamics, and Stability of High-speed, Gyroscopic Systems
Nonlinear Vibrations
Vibration of Cyclically Symmetric Systems
Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting
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Erika Pliner

Research Interests:
Fall Prevention
Occupational Safety
Balance Control

Yongzhi Qu

Research Interests:
Artificial intelligence and dynamic systems,
AI – driven metrology,
Next-generation Digital Twins,
In-situ monitoring,
diagnostics and prognostics,
Autonomous manufacturing.
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Sameer Rao

Research Interests:
Multiscale heat & mass transfer
Energy conversion & storage
Water harvesting & purification
Thermal management
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Shad Roundy

Research Interests:
Energy harvesting
Inertial sensing
Self powered wireless sensors
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Himanshu Sant

Research Interests:
Biomedical microfluidics and Bionanotechnology
Drug delivery devices and Biomedical microscale devices
Integrated pathogen detection devices
Biological and nanoparticle separations
Novel MEMS and microfluidic devices for clinical and environmental applications

Samira Shiri

Research Interests:
High throughput experiments and data analysis
Underlying physics of active matter
Bioinspired materials and mechanism
Biophysics: forensic science

Ashley Spear

Research Interests:
Characterizing and simulating three-dimensional cracking in metallic structures
3-D finite element analysis
Concurrent multiscale modeling
Microscale characterization of metallic materials
High-energy X-ray diffraction microscopy (HEDM)
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Rob Stoll

Research Interests:
Fluid mechanics in the environment
Computational fluid dynamics
Large-eddy simulation
Atmospheric boundary layer
Land-atmosphere interactions
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Scott Uhlrich

Research Interests:
Movement biomechanics
Neuro-musculoskeletal simulation
Mobile sensing (computer vision, wearables)
Machine learning
Rehabilitation engineering
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Pai Wang

Research Interests:
Wave mechanics
Architected materials
Phononic crystals
Acoustic metamaterials
Topological mechanics
Noise control and Vibration reduction
Acoustic Diagnostics and Therapeutics
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Roseanne Warren

Research Interests:
Electrochemical energy storage
Photoelectrochemical water splitting
Atomic layer deposition
Carbon nanotubes
Transition metal oxides
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Haohan Zhang

Research Interests:
Design and Control of Wearable Robots
Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation
Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Sensorimotor and Biomechanics
Parallel Mechanisms