Prospective Student Advising

Have questions about the Mechanical Engineering major?

Prospective students can email or schedule a phone or video appointment with the Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator below:

Alexis Ulrich
Admissions Counselor

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Alexis is primarily responsible for recruiting and outreach for both the undergraduate and graduate departments, as well as guiding prospective and transfer students as they transition into the Mechanical Engineering program. They have worked in the College of Engineering in different capacities for several years. Alexis has a B.A. in both English and International Studies from the University of Utah. They are a self-proclaimed “nerd” and enjoy stories of all forms.

You can also book an appointment with an undergraduate or graduate advisor. 

Am I the right person for you to contact? Check below:
  • All students who haven’t applied to the University of Utah yet should contact me with any questions.
  • Admitted first-year students who have already decided to attend the U and have paid their enrollment deposit should sign up for orientation, where all your questions about classes and registration will be answered by the advising team.
  • Admitted prospective first-year students who are still deciding where to attend can contact me or their future advisor.
  • Admitted transfer students will work with me on their admission to the major and any transfer course articulation and will meet their advisor at orientation.
  • Current students inquiring about the BS/MS program or other graduate school options.