First Year Milestone Advising

Because interacting with an academic advisor early in your university career leads to college success and completion, we require that you meet with us before you register for your next semester. This meeting will connect you to tools to M.A.P. out your unique degree experience. 

We have several things we would like for you to learn in this appointment. Here are our learning outcomes for this appointment: 


  • Student can generate a degree audit
  • Student can interpret a degree audit
  • Student builds an appropriate class schedule-(REMIND them where to find Gen Eds outside of schedule builder)


  • Student can recall department policies (Admission, Minimum grades, Repeats, Academic Standards, Full major status, Academic Misconduct)
  • Student knows about resources to support academic success (Student Success Course, Tutoring, Scholarships, success strategies (study habits, personal habits, wellness resources, time management, exam preparation)
  • Student begins to build a plan for taking advantage of opportunities (Learning Abroad, research opportunities, clubs,)
  • Student understands the role their advisors play in their educational experience

University of Utah MAP Advising All Majors – If you are interested in another major, this would be the best page to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing you will need to do before registering is figure out what your math placement is. Use the resources below to find out your math placement.

Building your Schedule

If you are taking a math refresher course or Math 980, please watch this video on how to add a non-credit career.


Navigating CIS

Regardless of what major you choose, you must complete a set of University-wide Graduation Requirements before receiving your Bachelor’s degree. Your advisor can help you understand these requirements and how to select appropriate courses to complete them. We can also help you understand the specific requirements for both the major and the university as well as inform you if any transfer or concurrent courses will fulfill these requirements.

  • Finding General Education Course

  • AP Physics C Exam – Score Needed: 4 or higher
    • Mechanics – Waives PHYS 2210
    • Electricity & Magnetism – Waives PHYS 2220
    • Phys 1, 2, B – Will not fulfill any ME physics requirement
  • AP Chemistry – Score Needed: 4 or Higher
    • Chemistry – Waives CHEM 1210
    • Lab notebook – Waives CHEM 1215 (Talk to your advisor in First Year Advising)

Associates Degrees

Associates of Science from a State of Utah College or University

  • Clears all general education requirements

Associates of Pre-Engineering

  • Will not clear all of your general education requirements

Associates of Science or Bachelor’s degree from Out of State

  • May no clear the AI but should clear the rest of the general education requirements

Don’t have an associates degree but took general education courses? You will need to submit a General Education Exception form for each of these to be reviewed individually.

Concurrent Enrollment

If you took courses at a community college or university while in high school, some of those courses may transfer over as prerequisites or major courses. Below you will see a list of courses that will transfer directly to the major. If you have taken courses that aren’t on this chart, ask your advisor how those courses will transfer.

Course Equivalents at Out-of-State Institutions – Talk to Advisor


If it has been more than 2 years since you took an AP exam or ACT/SAT you will need to take a math accuplacer to renew your math placement score. This will place you into a math class as high as Calculus I.

*You will not need to take the Accuplacer if you received a 5 on the AP Math BC exam within 4 years

You will need a permission code to enroll in a course for which you completed a prerequisite during Spring or Summer 2020 or at an out-of-state institution. A form should be submitted to each department matching the course you want to take.

Academic Skills Course

We designed this course to support our sophomores, juniors, and seniors if they are struggling or want to improve their learning strategies. If you are a transfer student, this would be a great course for you to enroll in to help you transition to the U. We offer the first session for those who need the motivation to start the semester and offer a second session if you feel like you will need a boost mid-semester.


Success in Mechanical Engineering

This course was created to help first year students in their transition to college life at the University of Utah. In this course students will learn a lot about themselves, learning strategies, the major, and resources at the University. We will have 1 section this spring.

The University of Utah has so much to offer you and several resources to support you during your time here at the university.

Mechanical Engineering

Student Organizations

Student Organizations are a great way to meet people and get involved right away at the University of Utah. There are over 300 clubs at the U centered around anything from the outdoors, ethnicity, hobbies, and major and you can pick any club that interests you! Use this link to filter by interest and find a club that you want to join! When the semester starts, look for information on the engineering club rush and university club fair.

Campus Recreation

You can rent outdoor equipment, attend fitness courses, climb, and go to the gym all in one spot on campus!


There are many ways to get support in your coursework here at the U. Check out all the links below that you can use to help you transition into college life.

Supporting Office on Campus

The University of Utah has many offices that are purely here to help you be successful and guide you in your journey.