The Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, or USAC, is composed of Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students and a faculty advisor who welcome your input and participation. If you’re interested in joining USAC, please fill out this contact form. To leave a comment for USAC, complete this anonymous comment form . USAC serves as a link between students and the department and has the following goals:

  1. Represent student interests concerning courses through the department Curriculum Committee.
  2. Provide service and service opportunities through programs including the department Transfer Student Mentor Program.
  3. Inform ME students of the news, opportunities, programs and organizations of the department through Freshmen Orientation Presentations.
  4. Participate in the selection and retention of faculty via the Retention Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) process.
  5. Recognize excellence in teaching by sponsoring elections for professor and teaching assistant of the year.
  6. Promote interaction among students, faculty and staff through activities including the Fall and Spring department socials.
  7. Encourage collaboration with other student organizations.