Degree Plan and Math Flowcharts

Pre-Mechanical Engineering Flowcharts for the 2024 Catalog Year are coming soon!

Updated Honors Flowcharts for the 2024 Catalog Year are coming soon!

Updated Data Science Flowcharts for the 2024 Catalog Year are coming soon!

Math Placement Chart (Math 990 through Calculus I only)
Math Flowchart (Traditional vs. Engineering Calculus; placement for Calculus I and higher)

The Mechanical Engineering faculty recently voted to change the ME flowchart to move Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer one semester earlier. The desire is to have all students complete all three of these courses before enrolling in ME EN 4000 Engineering Design I. Depending on where you are in the program, this will impact you as follows:

  • Current students who are enrolled in second semester second year courses or higher in Fall 2019 will follow the OLD flowchart
  • Current students who are enrolled in first semester second year courses (e.g., ME EN 2450 and MSE 2160) in Fall 2019 are strongly encouraged to take ME EN 3610 Thermodynamics in Spring 2020.  However, if this does not work for you, we will be flexible for a few semesters with prerequisites for ME EN 4000.
  • Current students who are enrolled in first year courses should plan to follow the NEW flowchart, which means taking ME EN 2030 Dynamics in the first semester of the second year to make room for Thermodynamics in the second semester of the second year.
  • As of Summer 2020, Thermodynamics will be numbered ME EN 2300 for all students (ME EN 2300 grades can replace ME EN 3610 grades).

An updated flowchart** is below.  Please contact an advisor if you have any questions or would like to discuss your schedule.

*Engineering Calculus only available at University of Utah (Engineering Calculus classes are geared towards engineering majors, whereas traditional Calculus classes may include students from many majors. The Engineering classes would be less theoretical and more applied towards engineering type problems).  See your advisor if you’ve only taken Calculus I and would like to switch to Engineering Calculus (one week Math boot camp required).

**All flowcharts, including requirements and prerequisites, are subject to change and course availability is not guaranteed in any given semester.  Students should consult for current course prerequisites and not rely on the flowchart.