The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah has earned an outstanding reputation of providing the workforce with accomplished individuals known for their positive contributions to society. You can help continue the legacy of excellence by taking an active, supportive role in our program. If you are affiliated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in any way, stay connected and help support the department! Please take a few moments today to visit the donation page to make a contribution to our department.

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We are so very proud of our Alumni and understand that your pride in your University of Utah heritage is dependent on continued Mechanical Engineering Department excellence.  Our alumni are the embodiment of our core values, cutting edge curriculum, and sincere desire to solve tomorrow’s problems. Alumni from our department who take time to stay informed and keep in touch allow us to strengthen each other and better prepare previous, current, and future students for the challenges tomorrow will bring.

Alumni Spotlight

We are currently accepting names of distinguished alumni to highlight on our website, newsletters, and other communications. If you would like to submit a name for the Alumni Spotlight, please provide the name, contact information, and reason as to why you are nominating this alumnus to our alumni coordinator. Don’t forget to provide your name and contact information, too!

Alumni Contact

Davey Stevenson
Administrative Program Coordinator
Phone: (801) 213-2046
Office: 1569 MEK

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