2022 Alum-of-the-Year Award

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah invites nominations for the 2022 Alum-of-the-Year Award.  The award recognizes an alum of the Department of Mechanical Engineering who has attained outstanding achievements and success in their professions and/or has attained outstanding service to their communities.

Selection Criteria
  • Nominees must have graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah.
  • Criteria for the award include professional achievements and/or personal service which may bring recognition and honor to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the University of Utah.
  • A nominee who is unable to accept the award in a given year will be invited to accept the following year, at the discretion of the committee. If he/she is unable to accept the award in the second year, he/she will remain in consideration for subsequent years but will not be automatically selected.
  • All nominations will remain active/in consideration for three years.
  • Current University of Utah employees are not eligible for consideration.
Selection Process
  • The nominator must be an individual other than the nominee.
  • The nominator must be an individual who is not a family member of the nominee.
  • The Selection Committee (consisting of members of the External Advisory Board) will review all of the active nominations each year, and submit recommendations to the Department of Mechanical Engineering Chair for approval. 
Award Procedure and Timeline
  • Persons making nominations must submit a formal nomination letter, to the Department of Mechanical Engineering Chairman (Bruce Gale, bruce.gale@utah.edu) by Aug 26, 2022.
  • The nomination letter must describe distinctive and notable accomplishments in the nominee’s professional career and/or service to their communities.
  • A detailed biographical history or resume of the nominee of no more than two pages is not required, but strongly recommended.
  • Award winners will be notified in September 2022.
  • All persons named as the award winners are required to attend the Department of Mechanical Engineering Social event, usually held in the fall, where they will be honored at the event. Award winners will also be asked to present a seminar to share their experiences to faculty, students, and alums.
Past Recipients

2019 – Josh Gray

2020 – Abigail Hunter

2021 – Chris Hirschi