Mechanical Engineering Learning Community

Learning Communities are a great way for you to connect to an immediate group of students who are learning the same material and in the same classes. Learning Communities are a great opportunity to learn about the major and create study groups right away. Research suggests that Learning Communities help to retain students and give students a more positive experience during their first year of college. The Learning Community that the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers is an all-academic based Learning Community. There is no residential component of this community. Each student will attend the same labs, lecture, and first year seminar with a group of Mechanical Engineering students by enrolling in the same sections of:

ME EN 1000 – Intro to Design of Engineering Systems

MATH 1310 – Engineering Calculus 1

CHEM 1215 – General Chemistry 1 Lab

ME EN 1800 – Success in Mechanical Engineering.

In addition to the courses listed, students will also add CHEM 1210 – General Chemistry 1 and a General Education course (if needed). Are you interested? Please reach out to your advisor to learn more!

You may only sign up for this learning community if you are eligible for Math 1310 – Engineering Calc 1 (see here for qualifications for Engineering Calc 1).

Here is what an example schedule may look like for students who chose to engage in the Learning community:

Quotes from student’s experiences in the Learning Community:

“It provided an easy way to feel a sense of community and make friends, especially since it’s difficult to with a lot of classes being online. I also really enjoyed learning about the different opportunities available at the U”

“Being with the same classmates helped me a lot because we all experience the same issues, so if one of us has a problem, we can ask each other for help”

“I liked being able to make real connections with the people in my class- it really helped me to feel included and meet new people”

“It gave me friends to hang out and study with. You have an instant classroom of friends.”


ME EN 1800 – Success in Mechanical Engineering

A seminar-style course designed to introduce first-year Mechanical Engineering students to the major and develop skills for a successful college experience. Topics include time management, exam preparation, study skills, campus resources, mechanical engineering research areas, emphases, major requirements and community building.