Graduate Student Petition Form

For Registrar’s Office, Graduate School, or Income Accounting petitions, go back to the Forms page for links to those petition forms (see form below for reasons this form should be submitted to the Department). See these Petition instructions for further instructions (will also be attached to your email confirmation after submitting this form. Email with any questions or if you haven’t heard back within 14 days.


Enter uNID as 8 digits with a zero replacing the 'u' (e.g., 00123456)
Responses will be sent to Umail only. Please check it regularly.
Check the box(es) to indicate you understand the following statements and then upload a justification and any supporting documents in the next field.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

(1) Write a justification for your petition and upload as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.
(2) Upload supporting documents (e.g., medical records, support letters, etc.) if applicable.