Change of Degree Program

  • Change of Degree Program
  • Used to change from degree programs within the department
  • Due 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester in which you would this to take effect
  • Must have a support letter from your committee chair
  • Must be signed by your committee chair and the department chair or director of graduate studies
  • Have the Graduate Advisor help fill this out

Notification of Graduate Credit for BS/MS Program

Undergraduate Petition for Graduate Credit

Transfer Credit Authorization Form

  • Transfer Credit Authorization From
  • Maximum of 6 credits

Request for Statement of Degree Completion

Request for Leave of Absence

  • Request for Leave of Absence
  • Required for any fall or spring semesters that you don’t register
  • Must be signed by committee chair/advisor
  • Must be typed – handwritten forms will not be accepted
  • International students must take additional steps to avoid falling out of visa status