Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers an interdisciplinary Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate. The certificate program is open to all matriculated College of Engineering graduate students or any matriculated or non-matriculated student who has a bachelor’s degree from a recognized engineering program or an allied science (note: some courses may require certain engineering or math courses as prerequisites but many are broad enough that any student can take them). Students should contact the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Advisor to fill out a program declaration form.

Certificate Requirements

To obtain the certificate, students must complete 15 credit hours of approved course work with a 3.0 GPA or higher and minimum B- grade in the certificate courses, plus a project. The course work is made up of 9 hours of core courses, and 6 hours of electives. The 3 core courses provide engineers with a basic understanding of systems engineering and the ability to develop, analyze, and model systems of all kinds. The electives allow students to choose related courses of interest from a variety of departments from across the University. Projects are to be approved by the Systems Engineering Committee. Students should notify the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Advisor when they are enrolled in the last course so their name can be submitted to the graduation office for certificate processing (contingent upon verification of project approval).

Required Core Courses

Pass the following 3 courses with a grade of B- or better (currently special topics courses).

  • ME EN 6960 – (3) Fundamentals of Systems Engineering (Spring 2021)
  • ME EN 6960 – (3) Requirements Engineering and Management (TBD)
  • ME EN 6960 – (3) Systems Engineering and Integration (TBD)
Approved Elective Courses

At least 6 credits of electives with a minimum grade of B- and 3.0 minimum GPA in all core classes and electives

  • CVEEN 6530 – Quantitative Methods for Civil and Environmental Engineering: Operations Research, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization (3)
  • CVEEN 6750 – Engineering Law & Contracts (3)
  • CVEEN 6730 – Project Management and Contract Administration (3)
  • ECON 6360 – Industrial Organization (3)
  • ME EN 5000 – Engineering Law and Contracts (3)
  • ME EN 6010 – Principles of Manufacturing Processes (3)
  • ME EN 6030 – Reliability Engineering (3)
  • ME EN 6035 – Design of Experiments (3)
  • ME EN 6100 – Ergonomics (3)
  • ME EN 7110 – System Safety (3)
  • ME EN 6210 – State Space Control (3)
  • ME EN 6810 – Thermal System Design (3)
  • ME EN 7200 – Nonlinear Controls (3)
  • ME EN 7210 – Optimal Controls (3)
  • ME EN 7220 – System Identification for Robotics (3)
  • MET E 5690 – Process Engineering Statistics (2)
  • MST 6022 – Production and Operations Management for Scientists (1)
  • CMP 6371 – Complexity and Systems Thinking (3)
  • CH EN 6205 – Smart Systems


Project Requirements

The Systems Engineering Committee must approve each student’s systems engineering project, which must be completed as part of the requirements for the Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate (details coming soon).



  • This entire certificate can be completed as a non-degree seeking/non-matriculated student, however if students decide they want to apply the courses towards a M.S. or Ph.D. graduate program, only 9 credits of non-matriculated courses are allowed to count towards the degree so students should apply to the Graduate School prior to completing their 9th non-matriculated credit.
  • Many of these courses are currently available online or IVC due to COVID-19 but our courses are typically only offered in person so we are not sure what will be available online in the future. We do offer a limited number of graduate courses as distance courses if enough students enroll in our contract sections of the course section (these courses cost a flat fee rather than tuition and student fees; we can also set up direct invoicing to companies).
  • This is not considered an online certificate.
  • Contract course students don’t need to officially apply to the University of Utah but don’t have access to services paid for by student fees (Trax pass, library, counseling, etc.). Contact Joy Velarde to learn how to register through this method.
  • Non-degree seeking/non-matriculated students can apply online by the posted deadlines: 
  • Non-Matriculated students are NOT eligible for Financial Aid or Scholarships, thus it is encouraged to apply for private student loan options if aid is needed to support your studies (but could be used for tuition reimbursement programs).
  • International students are not eligible for non-matriculated status but can complete this certificate if enrolled in a University of Utah graduate degree program (see your faculty advisor about incorporating the requirements into you M.S. or Ph.D. program of study).
  • Contact Joy Velarde for more information.

Contact Information
Joy Velarde
Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator