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Will you be joining the ME Undergraduate Program at the University of Utah?

Please note that if you do not enroll in M.E. required courses at the University of Utah for the upcoming semester, you will need to reapply to the ME program for a future semester unless you have been approved for admission deferment by the University of Utah Office of Admissions.

Select the level of Mechanical Engineering courses that you will start in at the U of U. See the ME Undergraduate Flowchart for pre/co-requisite(s).
If you don't mind, please tell us why you chose not to join the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program at the University of Utah.
What College/University will you be attending? What major will you be pursuing? If you will not be in school, what will you be doing?


How important were the following factors in your decision to study Mechanical Engineering at the U of U?

  • 1 star = Not important
  • 2 stars = Somewhat important
  • 3 stars = Important
  • 4 stars = Very important
Tell us what you think we should do to improve the admission process.