In addition to the Mechanical Engineering degree requirements, the Department of Mechanical Engineering also offers many academic opportunities to expand your undergraduate studies such as the Mechanical Engineering Honors Bachelor of Science degree (ME EN HBS).

Receiving an HBS is the highest undergraduate degree conferred by the University of Utah. It signifies that the student has completed a rigorous liberal arts education curriculum and completed an undergraduate thesis in their major. The HBS also requires a minimum 3.5 GPA at graduation. This is in conjunction to the strenuous mechanical engineering degree requirements. HBS recipients go the extra mile through the Honors College to arm themselves with the critical thinking, writing and nimble problem solving skills needed to contribute to the economic and social vitality of our communities.

Ideally, going for a HBS starts from the time you enter as a freshman. Students in the College of Engineering wishing to pursue an Honors Degree must be admitted to the University Honors College. Once accepted they work with the College Academic Program Manager and the Department Faculty Advisor in determining honors courses to take as well as receive an assigned Thesis Faculty Mentor.

Kuan Chen

Kuan Chen

Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor, Honors Faculty Advisor
Office: 1157 MEK | Lab: Bldg. 60 | (801) 581-4150


Tips from ME EN HBS recipients