Due to COVID-19, all classes at the University of Utah will be online this summer. First year students can take Summer classes following the steps below:

  1. Email admissions@utah.edu with your name and Unid (student ID number; preferably from your Umail) and ask them to change your admission semester to Summer 2020.
  2. Sign up for Summer virtual orientation (you might want to also get access to the Fall orientation since there will be more content than for summer since everything is still being developed).
  3. Make an appointment with an academic advisor (preferably video so we can share our screen).
  4. Register for classes.

A few notes:

  • Summer classes start May 11th which probably overlaps with your last few weeks of high school but since everything is online, hopefully it’s not a problem.
  • AP scores from this semester won’t post until June 7 or there may even be delays due to the pandemic so if you are currently enrolled in AP Calculus, you might want to wait on taking math so we know your correct math placement. If you are just relying on ACT, SAT or previous AP scores for placement, check your math placement here to take math this summer.
  • You can also register for Fall after registering for Summer so be sure to plan fall semester with your advisor as well.
  • We do not offer ME EN 1000 in the summer but some classes you could potentially take that would count for the Mechanical Engineering major include most math classes, CHEM 1210, and general education classes (WRTG 2010 is full).
  • Classes with class times listed will have live video lectures at that time. Check with the instructor to see if it is required to watch at that time or if the lectures will also be recorded and posted in Canvas if you need flexibility. Classes listed as “online” with no time associated will have lectures posted in Canvas and the syllabus and/or instructor will indicate when they will be posted and when you need to watch the by.
  • Summer financial aid may be available to you but Summer 2020 is on the 2019-20 academic year, whereas Fall is part of the 2020-2021 academic year, so you would need to fill out the 19-20 FAFSA. More information can be found here.
  • All students pay in-state tuition in the summer.
  • If you need a little break, ask your advisor about second-half classes which wouldn’t start until June 18th.