Advised by mechanical engineering assistant professor Amanda Smith, and member of the Site-Specific Energy Systems Lab, Kaden Plewe is one of 21 students selected nationally for the Los Alamos National Laboratory Dynamics Summer School (LADSS). The Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School focuses a select group of students on the multi-disciplinary field of dynamics, spanning electrical, mechanical, structural and cyber-physical systems. The students’ research will be applied to creating solutions to Los Alamos National Laboratory mission-relevant problems defined by Los Alamos National Laboratory R&D engineers. In addition to this research component, the LADSS also offers formal technical and career –development tutorials.

Students are placed in three-person multi-disciplinary teams, assigned a research activity to be completed in an intense nine-week time frame, and partnered with a Los Alamos National Laboratory staff member as a mentor. The projects typically have a modeling, experimental and analysis component. The goal is for the students to produce results and document their activities in a manner suitable for reporting at professional conferences. They then will present their research results at an international conference.

Plewe is a mechanical engineering B.S./M.S. honors student from Salt Lake City. He is interested in researching sustainable energy systems, building energy use, and demand side management. Specifically, he hopes to contribute to the development of energy models that accurately quantify the externalities associated with our energy portfolio. Plewe was also selected for the 2018 American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Washington Internship for Students of Engineering (WISE) program. He had to decline due to his acceptance of the LADSS position.

To learn more about Plewe and his research visit the Site-Specific Energy Systems Lab.