“World-Wide Pollution Control – The University of Utah Connection”

Fri., March 2
3:00 Pm
Marian & Sid Green Classroom (3550 MEK)

Mobile sources (cars & trucks) can be a significant source of gaseous and particulate pollution. This talk will discuss a little-know University of Utah connection with the invention of technologies leadings to efficient catalytic convertors and particulate filters, which significantly reduce pollution. Relevant structure-property relationships for product performance to be discussed, along with a discussion of future technology directions.

Dr. Willard A. Cutler is currently division vice-president and commercial technology director, responsible for the customer-facing technology for Corning’s >$1B environmental business. Cutler has worked for Corning for 28 years, in various research, product development, commercial, and leadership roles. He has successfully delivered several new products to the market. Cutler holds a Ph.D. in Materials from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Utah. He has been awarded 16 patents and has published a number of scientific papers.