The University of Utah College of Engineering announced the 2014 Outstanding Staff Awards, honoring teachers and staff members who have excelled in their fields this past year.

The group of honorees were recognized with a plaque Aug. 22 presented by College of Engineering Dean Richard Brown.

Tony Roehrig has been called a “Jack of All Trades.” But in this case, he IS the “Master of All of Them.” Whether it’s a well-used photocopier or a vintage electron spin resonance spectrometer, Tony knows how to make things work and keep them working. As the electronic engineer for mechanical engineering, he is experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive but most of all, friendly when it comes to keeping all of the equipment operating in peak condition. And with mechanical engineering making the monumental move to a new building, Tony’s hard work and expertise has become even more critical. Thanks to him, everything in the department will continue to operate efficiently and reliably – just like him.

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