The Mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to cultivate an environment through teaching, research and service that fosters the technical, critical thinking and communication skills necessary for students and faculty to contribute to the engineering profession and the well-being of society.

Some specific goals are to:

  1. Prepare post graduates and graduates for leadership positions and professional practice in academia, industry and government.
  2. Improve the productivity and quality of the industries and products of Utah and the nation.
  3. Enhance the quality, health, safety and enjoyment of human life through scholarly research designed to generate new knowledge, technical methods and techniques and to disseminate research outcomes to the public sector through journal articles, symposiums and lectures.
  4. Stimulate and foster growth in the economy by providing highly qualified professionals and developing technologies for transfer to the private and public sectors.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering produces Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. recipients to energize the economics of the state, the nation and many foreign countries, albeit well over half our graduates stay in Utah to simulate its aerospace, automotive, transportation, manufacturing, material and energy conservation, environmental control, comfort engineering, structural design, sporting goods, communication, entertainment, mining, farming, food processing, utilities, safety, medical, health, and many other critical industries. The department’s graduates have been in great demand; historically nearly 100% have had employment upon graduation.

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (



The heart of what makes the University of Utah a special place to get an education is its commitment to providing both Undergrad and Graduate students the opportunity to conduct meaningful research. The skills gained through research experiences are extremely beneficial, regardless of your career or academic aspirations. Our faculty are actively engaged in teaching, research, and service across a wide spectrum of areas within Mechanical Engineering. Our main research areas include: Design, Ergonomics, Manufacturing, & Systems; Robotics, Controls, & Mechatronics; Solid Mechanics; and, Thermal-Fluids & Energy Systems. Within each division you will find many faculty members with unique interests and cutting-edge research.


New Kennecott Building East SideThe Kennecott building, now called the Rio Tinto Mechanical Engineering Kennecott Building (MEK) is undergoing major renovations and expansions in a four-phase plan. Phase II is now complete housing the majority of the ME Faculty, staff, and most of it’s graduate students and labs. If not already, you will want to stop by and peruse our new home.