Innovative projects from a convection stove to an R2-D2-like self-operating robot were on display Dec. 3 during the annual University of Utah Mechanical Engineering Fall 2019 Design Day and Career Expo. The event was held on the main floor of the U’s Student Union Building.

Fourteen senior projects were demoed during Design Day, including a fire tunnel that can simulate the spread of wildfires, a portable parabolic reflector capable of tracking the sun’s location throughout the day, and a powered wheelchair that can help those with limited movement in their legs to get in and out of a body of water.

The department’s Design Day is held twice a year, each in the fall and spring. The event also includes robotic competitions where freshman design and junior mechatronics student teams compete. Click here for a complete list of projects on display.

Gallery of photos from the day can be found below and on Facebook.