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Katie Mitchell

  • Phone: (801) 587-7782
  • Email: katie.mitchell@utah.edu
  • Office: 1549 MEK

Processes purchase requests for department courses and department research labs. Prepares financial reports for department and faculty activities, supports budget process.

Laura Hallock

  • Email: laura.hallock@utah.edu
  • Office: 2339 MEK

Research interests:
robotic assistance and rehabilitation
neuromusculoskeletal sensing
human–robot control interfaces
machine learning and system identification
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Xiaowei He

  • Email: xiaowei.he@utah.edu

Research Interests:
Flow Control
Unsteady Aerodynamics
Flight Control
Experimental Methods and Facilities

Maggie Bowler

  • Phone: (801) 581-6780
  • Email: maggie.bowler@utah.edu
  • Office: 1557 MEK

Provides pre-award support to Faculty. Processes departmental scholarships and REU traineeships.

Scott Uhlrich

Research Interests:
Movement biomechanics
Neuro-musculoskeletal simulation
Mobile sensing (computer vision, wearables)
Machine learning
Rehabilitation engineering
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Erika Pliner

Research Interests:
Fall Prevention
Occupational Safety
Balance Control

Genesis Briceno

  • Phone: (801) 213-1160
  • Email: genesis.briceno@utah.edu
  • Office: 1550 MEK

Processes travel reimbursements and travel arrangements for department guests. Purchases department catering and department supplies. Supports major department events with Administrative Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising, and Graduate Advising.

Yongzhi Qu

  • Phone: 801-581-3517
  • Email: yongzhi.qu@utah.edu
  • Office: MEK 1343

Research Interests:
Artificial intelligence and dynamic systems,
AI – driven metrology,
Next-generation Digital Twins,
In-situ monitoring,
diagnostics and prognostics,
Autonomous manufacturing.
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Agastya Balantrapu

  • Phone: 801-581-3932
  • Email: agastya.balantrapu@utah.edu
  • Office: 1341 MEK

Research Interests:
Experimental fluid dynamics,
High Reynolds number turbulence,
Quantitative flow visualization techniques,
Aero/Hydro acoustics,
Insect navigation algorithms in natural flows,
Passive scalar dispersion in atmospheric flows.

Lane Sutton

  • Phone: (801) 581-3517
  • Email: lane.sutton@utah.edu
  • Office: 1568 MEK

Current MS & PhD Students Last Names (M-Z)
Meets and advises Mechanical Engineering graduate students, helping students develop educational plans and assisting them from admission to graduation. Assists students with matters relating to academics, such as, course planning, registration, student record management, tuition benefit enrollment, graduation, and thesis and dissertation formatting.