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Claire Acevedo

Stress and fatigue fracture mechanics
Skeletal biomechanics
Bone quality and bone fragility
Collagen and mineral deformation
Synchrotron radiation micro-tomography
Synchrotron radiation x-ray scattering
From cellular to macroscopic scales
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Thomas E. Bernard

Don R Brown

Nikhil Churi

Grant R. Clayton

Christopher Deemer

Sam Drake

Daniel Drew

Phillip Drinkaus

John Droge

Peter C. Fino

K. Bo Foreman

Mathieu Francoeur

Research Interests:
Radiation heat transfer
Nanoscale heat transport,
Photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion
Surface polariton coupling in nanostructures
Optical characterization
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Jeremy Gibbs

Joel B. Harley

Kurt Hegmann

Heath Henninger

Tucker Hermans

John Hollerbach

Heather Holmes

Bryan Howard

Hanseup Kim

Richard Kirkman

Lorraine Lenz

Andrew Merryweather

Research Interests:
3D Motion Analysis
Lower Limb Joint Biomechanics
Occupational Injury Biomechanics
Rehabilitation Engineering
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Nancy Nickman

Joung Man Park

Allison Payne

Kody Powell

William Provancher

Paul R. Borgmeier

Bart Raeymaekers

Research Interests:
Nano- and biotribology
Design of medical devices
Precision manufacturing
Ultrasound sensor technology
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John Schmidt

Amanda Smith

James Stanfield

Wenda Tan

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Thomas Taylor

Mark Thomsen

Rodolphe Vaillon