Samira Shiri

  • Email:
  • Office: 1674 MEK

Research Interests:
High throughput experiments and data analysis
Underlying physics of active matter
Bioinspired materials and mechanism
Biophysics: forensic science

Edoardo Battaglia

Research interests:
Grasping and Manipulation
Wearable sensing
User studies
Human-centered robot design
Human-robot interaction
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Todd Easton

  • Email:
  • Office: 2340 MEK

Research Interests:
Mathematical optimization
Mathematical decision making
Systems engineering
Engineering education

Haohan Zhang

Research Interests:
Design and Control of Wearable Robots
Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation
Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Sensorimotor and Biomechanics
Parallel Mechanisms

Pedro Huebner

  • Phone: (801) 581-3225
  • Email:
  • Office: 1346 MEK

Research Interests:
Systems and Industrial Engineering program development
Additive manufacturing
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Sidney Green

Member NAE
Research Interests:
rock mechanics-geomechanics subsurface applications, particularly for energy recovery, storage, and utilization

Tianli Feng

Research Interests:
Heat Transfer
Atomistic Simulations
Machine Learning
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Keunhan (Kay) Park

Research Interests:
Nanoscale energy transport and conversion processes
Nanostructure-based energy applications
Nanoscale thermophysical instrumentations
Tip-based nano-imaging and spectroscopy
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Roseanne Warren

Research Interests:
Electrochemical energy storage
Photoelectrochemical water splitting
Atomic layer deposition
Carbon nanotubes
Transition metal oxides
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Pai Wang

Research Interests:
Wave mechanics
Architected materials
Phononic crystals
Acoustic metamaterials
Topological mechanics
Noise control and Vibration reduction
Acoustic Diagnostics and Therapeutics
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