As students know, finding the perfect professor can make a world of difference.
Mechanical engineering assistant professors Michael Czabaj and Mathieu Francoeur are two of the three individuals campus-wide recognized by the Academic Affairs Board within ASUU (Associated Students of the University of Utah) as their 2016 Student Choice Award winners.

The ASUU Student Choice Awards give students the unique opportunity to honor outstanding Faculty and Staff at the University of Utah. Students recognized Czabaj and Francoeur as leaving a lasting impact on their college experience.

Writer William Arthur Ward said, mediocre teachers tell, good teachers explain, superior teachers demonstrate and the best teachers inspire. In that spirit, ASUU has hosted the student choice awards since 2005, giving students an opportunity to nominate teachers who take their education to the next level.

“Thanks goes to Drs. Czabaj and Francoeur for their excellence at the University of Utah in not only teaching, but also creating an environment in which students can achieve their goals,” says Polly Creveling, ASUU Director of Academic Affairs.

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