Thank you for supervising a University of Utah Mechanical Engineering student this semester and for helping him/her fulfill the requirements of the ME EN 5910 Co-op course. Please complete the following evaluation to provide feedback on the student’s performance during his/her internship at your company. Your responses will also help us improve the undergraduate Mechanical Engineering curriculum at the University of Utah.

If you would like the student to receive a copy of this evaluation, please provide his/her email address below. If you do not provide the student’s email address, your responses will be kept confidential.

Include the student's email address only if you want him/her to receive a copy of your responses.
In the COMPANY column, please rate the importance of the following for engineers at your company.
  • 4 stars = Very Important
  • 3 stars = Important
  • 2 stars = Not Very Important
  • 1 star = Not At All Important
  • 0 stars = Not Applicable
In the STUDENT column, please rate the student's level of performance in each area.
  • 4 stars = Excellent
  • 3 stars = Adequate
  • 2 stars = Marginal
  • 1 star = Poor
  • 0 stars = Not Applicable