Former University of Utah offensive tackle and first-team All-American, Zane Beadles has been selected by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the NFL Draft. Beadles’ selection is anticipated to “provide quality depth to the offensive line,” according to a statement on

Though Beadles is well known for his athletic prowess and ability to get the job done on the football field, he also has a lesser known, but equally as solid, reputation as a student in the University of Utah’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

He was a low key leader, said Don Bloswick, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Utah. “Zane led by example, he was an unassuming guy who was committed to his education and never asked for lenience.”

As part of his senior project, Beadles worked with a group of fellow engineering students on a low-voltage wheel chair lift that can be used in areas like New Orleans to help individuals who need access to homes that are now raised on stilts. He was in charge of insuring the project was in compliance with federal safety standards.

“The first time I met Zane, he handed me a form from the athletic department, but assured me it wasn’t going to be a problem,” said Larry DeVries, distinguished professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Utah. I took notice after his first exam that he had the potential to be a great engineer as well as a great football player. He made it very clear that he didn’t take academics lightly.”

Beadles led many of his classes on test scores even during football season when he was busiest. Because of all the work he did outside of class to make up for being away on game-days he was able to contribute to a new independent study model that will be used by future students with special circumstances.