SALT LAKE CITY – Courtney Doyle, a Mechanical Engineering graduate student, was honored for her Academic Excellence by the Women in Tech Council.

The Women Tech Council recognized seven “technology-focused women who are driving innovation, leading technology companies, and are key contributors to the community” at an awards ceremony last month at the Grand America Hotel. The Women Tech Council represents women who work with technology and in technology industries and was founded in 2007.

Ms. Doyle will be defending her M.S. thesis this fall with a degree completion date in December. Her M.S. research topic is bio-inspired autonomous perching for robotic aerial craft and she is being advised by Dr. Mark Minor and co-advised by Dr. Jake Abbott. Doyle is funded by the IGERT robotics program and will be starting her Ph.D. work after defending her master’s thesis. Before coming to the University of Utah, Doyle earned two B.S. degrees from the University of Michigan: one in Electrical Engineering (2007) and the other in Mechanical Engineering (2007).

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