Beginning Fall 2009 the University of Utah is offering a new dual degree program focused on technology innovation/commercialization. Leveraging faculty and curricula from the the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the David Eccles School of Business, students will have the unique opportunity to work with and learn from enterprising researchers developing new technologies and the businesses that take them to market.

Dual degree students will identify promising new technologies, shepherd the technologies through the commercialization process, and help direct further research efforts based on market and science-based criteria. For two years in a row, the University of Utah is second only to MIT in starting companies based on research. The State of Utah is actively engaged in supporting technology commercialization and partners with the University of Utah by offering internships and supporting state of the art research. In short, this innovative new program will enable students to work with the very best innovators in the country. Graduates of the dual degree program will be prepared to contribute to leading research labs as well as innovative and entrepreneurial companies. The program is actively seeking students for Fall 2009. Applicants will be screened and accepted by both the MBA program and the Department of Mechanical Engineering under an accelerated application process.

The new dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Science (non-thesis) program shares 18 hours of coursework making it possible to complete both degrees in 21-24 months. Students take business and engineering courses throughout the program to simultaneously develop expertise in both areas. Unique to the dual degree program, second year students work closely with researchers and industry mentors commercializing a technology-driven innovation in a capstone experience offered across the schools. The program will draw upon multiple resources at the University of Utah including student entrepreneurial programs, the state of the art research centers in the College of Engineering and the engaging business development offerings in the School of Business.

Dual Degree Program

Master of Science (MS) Mechanical Engineering & Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Contact information

For more information about the new dual degree program, please contact Dr. Gordon Smith, Director of Business Masters Programs,, 801-581-8615 or Dr. Tim Ameel, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Mechanical Engineering,, 801-585-9730.