Reprinted from the Utah Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, by Cailey Rohovit

Being the chairman of the Make Program at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute looks great on a resume, but many other aspects of the role are even more rewarding.

Christopher Holland, a senior mechanical engineering student at the University of Utah and resident at Lassonde Studios, has been able to develop many professional and personal skills through his work in the Make Program, a space offered at Lassonde Studios where students have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools and are able to collaborate on a wide variety of projects.

Holland has always loved building models and working with 3-D printers. He chose to attend the University of Utah specifically for the opportunity to live at Lassonde Studios and take advantage of the Make Program’s resources.

His journey with the Make Program began with a position as a tool mentor before the Studios even opened. Within just a month of becoming a tool mentor, Holland was promoted to the director of prototyping for the Lassonde Institute. Recently, he took over the Make Program as the chair.

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