Construction is well underway on the North Campus Connecting Element. There have been intermittent lane closures on 100 South and North Campus Drive as crews prepare for the walkway installation. This project includes the installation of an elevated pedestrian walkway, connecting main campus to the Rio Tinto Kennecott Mechanical Engineering Building, as well as the relocation of the current bus stop on North Campus Drive.

The area is already being prepped for the placement of the walkway. Throughout May, there will be intermittent lane closures. The walkway will open in late August.

This raised walkway will solve many pedestrian issues in the area. The high-traffic area has two crosswalks that are currently the only way to conveniently access the mechanical engineering building. The new conduit will provide access to this area without interrupting the flow of traffic, as well as increasing safety to both pedestrians and drivers. This will reduce the number of crossings at the existing diagonal crosswalk located at the intersection of 100 South and North Campus Drive, as well as completely eliminating the crosswalk at Federal Way.

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