All are invited to witness and cheer on this semester’s first-year students’ snowball fight for Ultimate Accuracy! The class will be gathering on:

Thursday, December 5, 2013 12:00-2:00 p.m. Olpin Union Ballroom

Of course a mechanical engineering snowball fight encompasses a little more than putting on a nice warm pair of gloves. In this competition, ME EN 1000 Introduction Robot Systems Design I teams have built mechanical robots powered solely by potential energy.

Ultimate Accuracy Robot Objectives:


  1. Autonomously drive 5m with a total of 6.7 Joules of Food Energy (SPAM)
  2. Autonomously launch a projectile to hit a target that is 6.5m away from the driving target and 0.75m from the floorME-1000-f13

Teams design and build their robots using SolidWorks and hand tools. Teams have two minutes to complete both objectives and must initiate motion of their robots using a two-finger trigger. Robots then operate autonomously and are equipped with projectile systems to launch a “Snowball” (hacky sack) to a target where, sticking to the bull’s eye receives maximum points. Teams with the greatest accuracy in both stages (driving and launching) win.  Winning in this case most definitely results from strong engineering skills and helps significantly with students’ final grade.