All are invited

Thursday, December 4, 2014
12:00-2:00 p.m.
Olpin Union Ballroom

In this competition, ME EN 1000 Introduction to Mechanical Design of Engineering Systems teams have built mechanical robots powered solely by potential energy. This year a significant function must be completed by a part designed and 3-D printed by student teams.

Quick Launch Robot Objectives:

  1. Race autonomously to a finish line 7m away with a total of 7.2 Joules of Food Energy (SPAM)
  2. Autonomously launch a projectile to hit a target that is 5m away from the finish line and 0.75m from the floor

Teams design and build their robots using SolidWorks, hand tools and 3-D printers. Teams have two minutes to complete both objectives and must initiate motion of their robots using a two-finger trigger. Robots are equipped with projectile launchers to throw a “baseball” to a target where, sticking to the bull’s eye receives maximum points. Teams with the fastest finish and greatest projectile accuracy win.  Winning in this case most definitely results from strong engineering skills and extensive “Evopteration.”

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