Three undergraduate students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering were three of fifteen students to receive the UworkUwin Career Service Awards through the University of Utah. Jenn Angell at L-3 Communications, Miles Skow at NASA, and Stephen Jacobs at T.D. Williamson were selected for the award based on their 300 word essay and picture they submitted for the contest.

An awards reception was held on Wednesday, April 27, to celebrate and honor the students’ achievements in their internships. There were four categories of winners: winning projects, winning places, winning perks, and winning people. All winners were recognized at the reception and each received $100 in recognition.

Each Mechanical Engineering winner’s essay submission and picture is listed below:

  • Jenn Angell – Winner of the “Winning Perks” Award
  • Stephen Jacobs – Winner of the “Winning Projects” Award
  • Miles Skow – Winner of the “Winning Places” Award

Congratulations students!

Stephen Jacobs at T.D. Williamson
Stephen Jacobs at T.D. Williamson