In recognition of her devotion to academic excellence and genuine concern for students, we are pleased to announce that Brittany Coats, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering is the 2012-2013 Students Choice Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Led by mechanical engineering senior, Felix DeSiena, the ME Undergraduate Student Advisory Council solicited nominations from their peers to express their appreciation.



“I loved Dr. Coats.  She has a deep knowledge of the subject matter and is a passionate engineer.  Kudos to her for making the course fun while pounding numerous formulas and ideas in to our brains!”

“Dr. Coats was one of the best lecturing professors I have had in four years at the U.  She has a great system down.  Her lectures are so good and so helpful that having them posted in addition to the slides would be incredible.”

“Dr. Coats does a pretty amazing job.  She is always on time (that is a huge deal for me) and presents the material in a way that was easy to understand.  The clicker review sessions were very helpful to give you a bit of that test anxiety and help you know what to study.”

“Professor Coats was one of the best professors I have every had.”

“Having so much homework and practice problems really helped prepare me for the test.  Dr. Coats’ teach by doing example problems really helped me learn the material.”

“She was very easy to understand and made sure she gave ample amounts of examples before moving onto the next subject.”

“The class discussions were extremely helpful as well as availability of office hours.  This was one of my favorite courses.”

“Dr. Coats was wonderful.”

“Awesome class.  I thought all the material was presented well and very organized.”

“This was my favorite class.  I loved the problems, even though they were somewhat time consuming.”

“The homework weekly helped me keep on top of the concepts.  Dr. Coats is very effective at Statics/Strengths, and it translates to her students.”

“Fantastic professor who knew the material inside and out.  Material was presented in an effective way that made learning difficult concepts relatively easier.”

“She was great at teaching us and always open for questions which was great.”

“Dr. Coats was SUPER great, very fair, and really wanted students to succeed.  She brought candy to exam clicker reviews and sometimes on days homework was due or it was a bad weather to encourage student to show up.  The workload for two engineering classes is more than I did for 18 hours of generals.”

“Awesome professor! Taught in really effective way.  Put herself on our level.  Helped during office hours.”

“One of the most clear and straightforward instructors I’ve ever had.”

“Friendly and extremely helpful.  Office hours are always productive and personal.  Open to out of class time personal meetings if falling behind, very punctual with email.  Great teacher and public speaker.  Students want to respect her.  Takes constructive criticism from class and applies it throughout the semester.  Really interested in students and wants to make sure they are learning and if not, how the class or her teaching style can change.  Great professor.”

“Dr. Coats was very invested in the students performance.  She went over tests, homework assignments afterwards as needed and gave effective quizzes to help us study.  She took personal notice when homework assignments were missed or poor scores appeared and reached out to students (not easy in a class of over 150) to make sure they were getting their work done.”

“Professor Coats went above and beyond the call for helping students.  The manner in which material was presented was effective and applicable, which greatly aided in the understanding of the material.”