Mechanical engineering assistant professor Andrew Merryweather and his colleagues  were recently awarded the International Ergonomics Association (IEA)/Liberty Mutual Medal for their paper published in the International Journal of Ergonomics. The paper with title of “Relationships between job organizational factors, biomechanical and psychosocial exposures” is published by Stephen S. Bao, Jay M. Kapellusch, Andrew S. Merryweather, Mathew S. Thiese, Arun Garg, Kurt T. Hegmann & Barbara A. Silverstein.

The IEA/Liberty Mutual Award in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics was instituted in 1998. The award and a cash prize of US$ 10,000 recognizes outstanding original research leading to the reduction or mitigation of work-related injuries and/or to the advancement of theory, understanding, and development of occupational safety research.

To learn more about Dr. Merryweather and his research please visit the Ergonomics & Safety Lab.