Nanofab LaboratoryOur engineering students have access to the “machine shop of the future,” with design, fabrication, test and assembly facilities to make tiny mechanical machines, implants, lab-on-a-chip sensors, and microfluidic devices that fit on a fingernail.

The University of Utah nanofab boasts 6,000 square feet of cleanroom and semiconductor fabrication tools used by our 40+ faculty PI’s and 100+ student researchers, who use the facilities to support $40M+ in research programs. We also collaborate with some of the most advanced research facilities in the world, such as Sandia National Labs, who build highly complex, surface micromachined devices in support of our student activities.

What is a Nanofab?

The Utah Nanofab encompases a microfab with cleanroom, packaging, and test areas. It provides the equipment, porcesses, and expertise necessary to design, build, and package, revolutionary micro and nanoscale devices. Facilities include device modeling, design layout, mask fabrication, thin film deposition, patterning, and device packaging.

Visionary ideas and inspired creativity have helped the Utah Nanofab become a world leader in the fabrication of neural prosthetics, biomedical microfluidic systems and biosensor chips. The discoveries made in the Nanofab help create life-saving medical devices, faster microchips, and more efficient energy systems, resulting in many scientific publications and new companies.



There are many undergraduate and graduate courses taught in the Nanofab Lab through both the Department of Mechancial Engineering as well as Electrical and Computer Engineering. Some of those courses include:

  • Foundations of Microsystems
  • Micromachining
  • Microfluidic Chip Design and Fabrication
  • Photovoltaic Materials & Solar Cells
  • Microsensors and Actuators
  • Integrated Circuit Microfabrication
  • Heterogeneous Microsystems Technologies
  • Micro Actuators
  • Surface Analysis Lab
  • Nanostructure Fab/Characterization


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