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The deadline for the MS of Engineering/MBA Dual Degree program for fall 2012 has been extended to May 15, 2012. This applies to students who are already admitted into a graduate degree program in Mechanical Engineering.

Program Description

The College of Engineering has partnered with the David Eccles School of Business to offer a dual degree program in which the students can earn both an MBA and MS Engineering degree in as little as five semesters.

The MBA/MS Engineering dual‐degree program combines students’ applied interests and training in engineering with the comprehensive business skills developed in a ful

l‐time MBA program. Graduates of the program develop the skills needed to move between challenges of leading and managing a business and the technical world available with an engineering degree. Our graduates are valuable assets to companies who rely on technological innovation to stay competitive in the business world. Graduates of the MBA/MS program earn two distinct degrees in one integrated educational experience.

MS/MBA Program Details

A student enrolled in the joint degree program earns both degrees in five semesters of full‐time study. In general, students take 21 credit hours at the College of Engineering, 47 hours in the College of Business. This is in addition to a 6 hour capstone business project which is recognized by both colleges. Up to 9 credit hours appear on the program of study for both degrees, eliminating up to 18 credit hours that would be required to complete the two programs separately.

The MS/MBA Capstone Project

The MBA/MS Engineering Capstone Project is a business project that relies upon your experience and expertise as engineers to blend the two worlds of business and science together. It is a required component of the dual degree MBA/MS Program. Students register for six credit hours during the fall (3) and spring (3) semesters of their second year. Examples of actual capstone projects include starting a business producing consumer products and developing a commercialization plan for a new University‐ based technology.

Application Requirements for Students Admitted into Graduate Mechanical Engineering Program
  1. School of Business Online Graduate Application: $85 fee after April 1.
  2. Two Essays:
    • Tell us about your interest and reasons for wanting to pursue an MBA
    • Tell us about what excites you about the overlap in the worlds of business and engineering (please use essays #1 and #2 in the online application to answer these questions even though questions on the application will differ
  3. GRE Score – supplied by College of Engineering
  4. Verification of undergraduate degree with 3.0 minimum GPA (no transcripts needed)
  5. Professional Resume – professional work experience preferred, but not required
  6. Two letters of recommendation – one preferred from a non-academic/professional source (can be the same recommendations that were used for the college of engineering, but one should be from a professional source from a paid work environment)
  7. Interview – this will be conducted on campus by one of our 2nd year MBA students
Application Deadline for MS/MBA Dual Degree Program

May 15, 2012

If interested, please notify the MBA admissions teach so they may properly flag your application at