The Department of Mechanical Engineering is excited to welcome Dr. Shuaihang Pan as an assistant professor this spring. Dr. Pan received his BS from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and his Ph.D. from UCLA, both in mechanical engineering. Before joining the U, Dr. Pan spent one year in industry, which broadened his insights in the related fields. His research mainly focuses on advanced manufacturing (particularly additive manufacturing) for novel alloys with supreme anti-degradation performance, and his lab, the Lab of Advanced Manufacturing (LoAM), will look at experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects of this research.  

“Alloy design is getting more and more complicated, and how to efficiently manufacture and sustain them in various environments becomes a headache for both industrial applications and academic studies,” said Dr. Pan. “This trade-off question challenges almost everyone in the field, but it also fascinates me. It requires the understanding of interdisciplinary advancements in manufacturing engineering, materials science, nano-science, etc.”

“Solving this puzzle for advanced manufactured alloys with long-term service stability should not be lonely journey,” said Dr. Pan. “The U provides a unique platform for me to interact and collaborate with other faculty, students, institutions, and industries. This will be a great thrust for my goal to find a ‘perfect’ alloy compatible with advanced manufacturing technologies and capable of their anti-corrosion/-oxidation/-wear missions.”

With this prospect, Dr. Pan has named his lab LoAM (the Lab of Advanced Manufacturing), as “loam” itself means both a valuable platform for ideas, communications, and collaborations, and a thriving land for anyone in advanced manufacturing to develop.

Currently, Dr. Pan is also fully prepared for this new journey. He has been serving as reviewers, on editorial boards, and as an invited speaker, which gives him a great chance to keep track of the newest frontiers in the field. LoAM is also actively installing new manufacturing and characterization tools and integrating with the research resources at the U and among his collaborators. His lab is also planning to recruit members from undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral studies.

“Everything will be ready for trailblazers to look for the solutions of stable advanced manufactured alloys with supreme anti-degradation performance,” said Dr. Pan. “If I need to pick up a perfect place to go on this journey, I believe it is U.”

You can visit the LoAM website to learn more.