Rendering of the new Senior Design Space

We are excited to highlight the new senior design laboratory currently under construction as part of the Phase III addition to the Rio Tinto Kennecott building. With over 3100 square feet of dedicated maker space, project teams will have their own work benches as well as access to specific tools for project prototyping. This is an exciting addition to the department’s growing capstone program and will help continue to grow and enhance the program.

In addition to space for individual teams, the space is designed to be reconfigurable to adapt to future program growth. It will serve as a multi-functional lecture space, prototyping environment, and project test space. The space will also be home to a wide range of tools and equipment to facilitate project prototyping, including: 3D printers (FDM and stereolithography), laser cutter, benchtop CNCs, drill press, soldering station, low power microscopes, oscilloscopes, power supplies, foam cutter, vacuum former, sander, grinder, and various hand tools.

Located off the atrium on the lower level of the building, the new space will have natural lighting and an open ceiling, making it both an inviting space for the students as well as a great highlight of the work being done in the capstone program. We are looking forward to offering this new level of support to all of our senior design projects, as well as continuing to highlight the great work done by these teams.

New senior design projects kick off in both spring and fall semester, and we are always looking for new industry partners. If your business has a project that you think might be a good senior design project, let us know! You can learn more about the program and submit new industry projects on our website.