Passionate about engineering ethics and product safety, mechanical engineering assistant professor (lecturer), Kenneth L. d’Entremont, Ph.D., P.E., joined the U in 2014 to teach safety-engineering courses for the mechanical engineering ergonomics and safety program. Two of the courses he teaches were existing, namely ME EN safety-engineering courses:  System Safety (ME EN 7110) and Industrial Safety (ME EN 5110/6110). D’Entremont also started and developed a course entitled Product Safety and Engineering Ethics (ME EN 5150/6150).

Prior to joining the U, d’Entremont worked as an engineering consultant in engineering and safety. Before that, he joined a large designer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative products. At that company, he served as manager of corporate product safety and senior staff engineer.

In his role, he participated in the design and development of the company’s range of products.  He was also involved in post-sale monitoring of product performance, product-safety recalls, and standards development in the U.S. and the Europe.

With this wealth of experience, d’Entremont is presently completing a text/professional book on product-safety engineering and engineering ethics (planned for publication by McGraw-Hill in 2020).

In addition to writing his book and teaching engineering ethics and safety classes, d’Entremont is the industry liaison with the mechanical engineering capstone program.