For the senior design capstone project Self-Release Parking Boot, mechanical engineering assistant professor Shad Roundy received a $7,500 six-month grant from Paylock.

Paylock has proprietary technology for an electro-mechanical parking boot which is released using an access code that a parking violator enters on a keypad after paying a fine. The current boot design is being used all over the country and has led to 10,000 successful transactions. We would now like to develop a new design for the boot leveraging the technology and design of the current boot. Our end goal is to end up with a design for a better boot that could be produced at a lower cost.

Through mechanical design and programming as well as product design the senior design team will come up with a new design leveraging the existing technology for the self-release boot.

Learn more about Dr. Roundy on the Integrated Self-Powered Sensing Lab site.