Michelle Farrington

VP of Strategic Growth at AFFOA,
(Advanced Functional Fabrics of America)
Johns Hopkins University

Friday, Feb. 18th at 2pm
WEB L112

ABSTRACT: As a Manufacturing USA Institute, AFFOA is dedicated to leading a nationwide advanced fiber & fabric technology development ecosystem which was established to support the domestic textiles industry by introducing revolutionary system capabilities for national security and commercial markets. Michelle will give an introduction to the institute, its roles and capabilities and describe the ways university innovators work with AFFOA to accelerate the pace of technology adoption by manufacturers.Several example technology developments will also be presented.

BIO: Michelle Farrington is passionate about commercializing new technologies. She is currently the VP of Strategic Growth at AFFOA, Advanced Functional Fabrics of America, a Manufacturing USA Institute. Prior to joining AFFOA, she held several positions at Analog Devices, Inc. in the manufacturing and development of MEMS inertial sensors as well as technical and business development for new technologies including energy harvesting, e-textiles, condition-based monitoring, and drug delivery solutions.