Dr. Kenneth E. Goodson

Professor and Vice-Chair, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Friday, October 19th, 2012, 2:00 pm
Warnock Engineering Bldg. (WEB) Rm. 1230
Reception to follow at 3:00 pm (flyer)


Surging demand for high-tech products – from iPads to smart vehicles – is inspiring breakthroughs in materials integration and dimensional scaling for nanoelectronics.  This seminar describes the many thermal challenges posed by this progress.  We focus both on fundamentals (sub-continuum heat conduction by electrons and phonons) and on the latest experimental techniques using nanomachining and high-speed optics.  Example technologies include deeply scaled transistors, nonvolatile memory for portables, and thermoelectric waste heat recovery systems for vehicles.

About Dr. Goodson

Kenneth E. Goodson is Professor and Vice Chair of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford.  His NanoHeat Lab has graduated 40 PhDs including a dozen who are now Professors from MIT and UC Berkeley to Stanford and UIUC.  Goodson studied at MIT (BS89, PhD93) and has co-authored 30 US patents, 150 archival journal articles, and 200 conference papers.  Recognition includes the ASME Kraus Medal, plenary lectures at INTERPACK, ITHERM, PHONONS, SEMITHERM, and THERMINIC, and best/outstanding paper awards at SEMITHERM, ITHERM, and IEDM.  Goodson co-founded Cooligy, which builds microfluidic cooling systems for computers (including the Apple G5) and was acquired by Emerson in 2006.