NBC’s The Today Show recently profiled the University of Utah’s TetraSki, a sit-down ski designed and built by mechanical engineering undergrads as a senior design project, advised by associate professor Andrew Merryweather. Click the video below to see the profile on this cutting-edge project.

The special ski allows people with physical disabilities to steer themselves on the ski slopes using a sip-and-puff controller that turns the skis. The device was developed for Jeffrey Rosenbluth, medical director of the Spinal Cord Injury Acute Rehabilitation program at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. Merryweather and his student team built the first prototypes, and it was further developed by former mechanical engineering student Ross Imburgia under Rosenbluth’s direction.

Click here to learn more about the TetraSki. And click here to learn more about Merryweather’s Ergonomics and Safety Program.