MechUGearMechanical Engineering (ME) is pleased to announce significant growth over the last several years. In order to continue to provide a stellar education and maintain excellence in the program, ME will implement a new Admission Policy. In addition to the University of Utah application for admissions (freshmen or transfer), students will need to complete a separate department application and be admitted prior to taking any ME courses.

Applications are due by April 15. Students who submit applications after this date will be considered for admission only if space is available.  Students will be informed of admission decisions by May 1.

Freshman admission is based on a collection of factors that may include high school GPA, standardized test scores, AP credit, concurrent enrollment credit, post-secondary coursework, and a personal statement. Placement into Math 1210 Calculus I is required for acceptance. Students not eligible to enroll in Math 1210 in fall must wait until the following year to apply for admission.

Transfer admission is based on overall transfer GPA as well as other relevant information (for example, grades in post-secondary technical courses and a personal statement). While a specific GPA will not guarantee admission to the program, in the absence of other information, transfer students must have a minimum overall transfer GPA of 3.0 to be considered.

Mechanical engineering is an excellent degree choice and ME will continue to prepare its graduates to enter competitive engineering careers and graduate programs.

For more information about the ME undergraduate curriculum or requirements, please visit our undergraduate pages.